Blackjack strategy

To be successful in online card games, use certain strategies for them. In our case, we provide you with a very short but reliable Blackjack strategy guide.

When we speak about strategies for Black jack, consider the number of decks you are allowed to play on in every other online casino. It is always different from one place to another and ranges from 1 to 8. The strategies depend on how many decks in Blackjack are available on the chosen gambling platform. Remember that a single deck Blackjack strategy differs very much from that for a multi deck Blackjack. We have chosen the most widely used ones. However, even if Blackjack charts emphasize the importance of statistical odds, no strategy can guarantee your constant winning. To start with, learn how to hit and when to hit, and that is likely to bring you a desired victory.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart for the Start

This is a basic strategy for the simplest variant of the game played with 52 cards. You can start your gaming experience with it.

Single Deck Blackjack Hand Chart for the Start

All your actions should be based on the value of your initial hand. This can be used as a Blackjack cheat sheet because you can print it out and keep it next to your computer while playing online. Though, you will not be allowed to do the same while playing in one of land-based casinos.

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy Is a Bit Different

Look at the table below, and you will clearly see the differences between this double deck Blackjack strategy and the previous one.

2 Deck Blackjack Strategy Is a Bit Different

Our experts on statistics have thoroughly calculated all the double deck Blackjack odds to provide you with a chance to beat the dealer. Here, you may also use the tips for splitting hands with aces or eights, and for standing when you get 20 points in your initial hand.

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy: Popularity Increases

Just have a look at this chart and follow the differences:

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy: Popularity Increases

Playing with 4 decks involves 208 cards. Analyze what a dealer shows and the strength of cards in your hand. Choose the action according to the tips in your chart.

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck Gives You Advantage for Playing with 8 Decks

This option often appears in online casinos.

Blackjack Strategy 6 Deck Gives You Advantage for Playing with 8 Decks

Of course, there are no ideal strategies for Black jack, but using this Blackjack hit chart will increase your chances to become a winner. This chart works well both for 6 deck and 8 deck playing. Do not worry that there is no improvisation option with it. When you become an experienced player, you will see how well these basic Blackjack strategy charts can work in advanced playing. Just remain persistent in your desire to win.

These are the most important and widely used strategies. Make sure that you have picked out the right one according to the number of decks. The most reputable online casinos allow a player to choose one.

However, the Blackjack perfect strategy does not exist: you should adjust your further actions to the mathematical calculations. Stick to the strategies for Blackjack chosen, and this will ensure your winning due to the probability law.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack Is an Important Skill to Acquire

The card counting strategy can also get big winning for you. Though, many casinos know about this possibility for winning and take some counter measures against it. So, you must be very cautious and keep your methods of counting secret.

Blackjack card counting is very simple, and it is based on realizing of how many high and low value cards have already played. This will help you to predict whether next cards will be of high or low value.

So, what is card counting in Blackjack in detail? Just look at this simple guide. Remember that each card has its own value:

  • “1” – the cards from 2 to 6;
  • “0” – the cards from 7 to 9;
  • “-1” – those from 10 to Ace.

Then, you start from “0” and add the total value of each passed card to it. This is called a ‘running count’. Though, to play the multi deck Blackjack, you need another option which is called the ‘true count’. Just take the running count and divide it into the number of decks you have to play with. The result should be positive for you to start betting.

Of course, there are some other Blackjack counting systems, but this is the simplest one. You need to practice it before starting a really big game.


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