Blackjack rules

It is not a secret that learning how to play casino Blackjack is not a long and time-consuming process. With the development of technologies, you have all the means and tools which have been collected by us in one place. We have developed a short and easy Blackjack guide which can teach you where to start if you want to play this catchy game on your computer.

There are some things to remember. First of all, you need a PC or any other gadget of your own, some spare room and time for yourself, and a set of understandable rules to learn how to play Black jack. Of course, you need to read these rules as carefully as possible to avoid skipping any steps. We are sure that you want to know more, and you are likely to learn how to play Black Jack like a pro to get more benefit and satisfaction in the future.

It is also essential to consider useful tips and strategies, all the details about how to bet on Blackjack, how to stand, hit, split, or surrender in accordance with the constantly changing situation in the game. So, you need to know the basics first, and later on your experience and enthusiasm will help you get desired results.

Blackjack Rules: Very Easy Solutions

You probably want to start learning the rules of Blackjack right now. You may have heard much about this game already. Though, the first important thing is that you can choose from 1 to 8 decks for a game, and a multi-deck option is more widely used.

Certain casino Blackjack rules should be applied, no matter whether you are playing on a standard on-land or online casino.

  1. Remember that 21 is the main number of the game. All the players and a dealer aim at the total value of the cards in one hand to be close to 21. The standard Blackjack rules do not allow anyone to exceed this number, or you will lose your hand.
  2. Card values are one more very important regulation. According to the Blackjack rules chart, Ace has the value of 1 or 11. Cards from 10 to King have the value of 10, and 2-9 cards are counted according to their own value.
  3. While speaking about the Blackjack betting rules, you need to remember that each casino defines the minimum and maximum bet amount. You place the bets before the start of a game. Only after all the bets are placed, a dealer can start giving out cards.
  4. The combination of Ace and 10 means that you are lucky enough to hit a “natural” and to win the hand. It is the dealer only who can match your hand if they have the same 21 combination.
  5. The Blackjack dealer rules also mean that a dealer is allowed to show only one of two cards, while players should show two of theirs at once. The dealer’s entire hand is shown when everyone needs to compare the real value of cards.
  6. While playing, you may come across the terms of “soft hand” and “hard hand”. So, what do hard and soft mean in Blackjack? A “soft hand” stands for a hand with Ace, while a “hard hand” is applied to the combination without aces.

The rules of Blackjack also imply some options. They are:

  • tand, or avoid taking any extra cards;
  • hit, or ask a dealer to give you just one extra card or more;
  • split, or play in two hands instead of one when you get a pair;
  • double down, or ask for only one additional card for your hand to maintain your bet;
  • surrender meaning that you can stop playing when you see the unfavorable card value in your hand.

Therefore, the most important rule is that you should strive for number 21 throughout all the game.

How to Win at Blackjack for Sure

Suppose that you have already learned all the Blackjack tips to win. Now, you are interested in the possibility of regular winning. Let us have a look at some additional ideas.

  1. The best way to win at Blackjack is to understand whether you need to split or not to split your hands. Use your chance to split pairs of Aces or 8s, but never do the same for the cards from 10s to Kings.
  2. There are some other keys to winning Blackjack. Hit your hand when its value is 11 or less. Risk hitting when your value is between 12 and 16. However, stand if the amount is 17 or more, for sure.

Many people always ask: is it possible to consistently win at Blackjack? No one can guarantee this for you. Though, if you learn how to make decisions fast, and how to win at Blackjack without counting cards, your chances will increase.


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